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Frantz M.T. Balthazar was born in Les Cayes and grew up in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Herbert Balthazar, his father and mentor, was an intellectual with a PHD in Caribbean Literature. Although his father introduced him to a world made of words, lines and colors he did not get the opportunity to see his young son of eight develop into a young adult. Mr. Balthazar Sr. died at the young age of forty-nine but left his legacy to his young apprentice. Amongst the various teachings, his father instilled in him the ideology “Haiti is the soul of the Caribbean”.  


Frantz as a young adult inherited his father’s library which exposed him to many old magazines and books.  From the many books containing Asian, European and Haitian art, he found a great source of inspiration. The National Geographic, Jeune Afrique, Encyclopedia Britannica where amongst his favorites, they allowed him to travel to new places and visit many other nationalities through their images. Frantz developed a sense of how different, but alike people are all over the world.  Hence became the Artist Frantz. Young Frantz began drawing from the inspiration of those images then developed his skills on canvas.  Frantz Balthazar credits his mother for the compassion in him. Through his mother’s pain and happiness, his strokes on canvas have matured. He has learned to place movement on canvas with his heart and colors with passion. Frantz believes a painter is a citizen of the world and should be able to convey emotions that are part of human feelings; hence he prefers not to have his art labeled solely as Haitian art. As of today, Frantz Balthazar has participated in many exhibits in New York and Florida. Frantz has also exhibited his art in a “one man’s show” at various colleges.   He co-authored a book of essays 1492: The Rape of the New World with Dr. Frantz-Antoine Leconte, and was Editor-in-Chief of the weekly newspaper Haïti Lumière published in the US. He was a presenter of a daily radio show in Radio Tropical in New York titled “Causerie”.

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