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The Haitian American Museum of Chicago (HAMOC) was Founded in 2012, it was the realization of a dream by its co-founder, Elsie Hernandez, to create an institution that would hold programs and exhibits that will contribute to the rich multicultural tapestry that is Chicago. Since 2012 the museum has hosted a wide array of programs and exhibits showcasing Haiti's rich culture and art as well as its complex history. We invite you to enjoy our changing exhibits, use our space and attend varied programs.

                           General Admission: $5

Elsie Hernandez
   Founder and President

Originally from Haiti, Elsie has a strong sense of attachment to her place of birth. It's her love for Haiti  that prompted her to open the Haitian American Museum of Chicago. Her passion for Haiti and its rich culture is contagious and follows her everywhere she goes. Elsie has an extensive background as an educator, nurse, civil leader, and scholar.

Executive Board

Brenda Jones
Margaret Poe
Karen Richman
Daniel Hernandez
Carla Carr
Kent Shankle

Elsie Hector Hernandez

Advisory Board

Stan West
Jean Yves Hector
Fabienne Beauzil
Jean Herbert Danier
Amanda Sexton
Felicia Brown 
Luckner Jean

Our Contributors

Thank you to our affiliates, donors, friends, funders, supporters, volunteers, a special gratitude to Nicole Smith and art contributors.

Haitian Community

Youri Emmanuel – Consul General of Haiti and his staff
Lynn Toussaint- President of Haiti Congress to Fortify Haiti

Jacques Leblanc- President of Haitian Community Center

Alliette Marcelin- President of Chicago Haitian Book Club

Dr. Ludovic Comeau- President of Grahnn
Dr. Serge Pierre Louis- President of Dusable Heritage Association and Chicago chapter of the Association of Haitian Physicians abroad

Harry Fouche- Former Consul General of Haiti in New York

Collette Jeffries Ascar- President of Operation SOS
Dr. Mario Lamothe- Faculty- University of Illinois at Chicago

Frantz Balthazar- Artist
 Joel Maxime – Artist in residence

Evelyne Poma- Artist
Marc Rosier- Writer
 Bintou Sy- Past board member of YLF

Daniel Desir- Kizin Creole
Toto Alfred – Kreyol Roots
 Myrtha Briette- Caterer
Nathan Mansakahn- Photographer


Staff & Volunteers

Benjamin Henderson - Museum Educator

Carlinthia Cox - Archivist Consultant
Carlos Bossard - Collection Specialist

Cranston Knight - Historian
Damian Lewandowski - Accountant

Luis Limardo - Illustrator

Elsie Hector Hernandez - President
Jean Herbert Danier - Webmaster

Jean Yves Hector - Artist In-Residence
Stacey Weiss - Social Media Manager

Makenzie Rohde - Community Outreach Coordinator

Romeo Hernandez - Curator

Vishnu V Menon - Manager

Zachary Baker Salmon - Film/Theatre Programmer

Estime Frader - Translator

Joel Maxime  - Artist In-Residence

Michael Harris - Library Coordinator

Imani Barberousse - 

Edward C Davis - 

Elizabeth Schneider - 

Past Staff/Volunteers

Danette Frederique

 Carlinthia Cox

 Alexandra Antoine

 Herrica Telus

Sabrina Greig

 Nicole Claude

Carl Frederique

 Ila Hilda Sissac 

Cesar Ramirez

Amanda Sexton

Laci Adams

Lorraine Amadou

Past Funders

Chicago Community Trust

Illinois Humanities 

Illinois Art Council


Past Board Members

Steve Bernin

Helena Pinzon

Michael Poma

Nundia Louis Rafo


Dr. Ian Todd

Dr. Antonio Senat

James Cappleman- Alderman of the 46th Ward

Affiliates /Partnerships

Cris Cantele- Chicago Alliance of Visual Artist (CAVA)

Tom Clowes- Crossing Borders Music

Jesus Macarena – Instituto Nuestra Cultura (INC), Columbia College

Renate Schneider- President of Haitian Connection

Haitian School in CampPerrin, Haiti

Julio Montenegro- Artist

Alan Curtis - Artist

Ben Salus - Artist

Mark Schuller- Poto Mitan – Northern Illinois University

Priscilla Coatney- William Leonard Public Library District, Robbins, Illinois 

Pepe Vargas- Latino Cultural Center

Tracy Hall- Rootwork Gallery

Stephanie Roberts – Truman College

Professional Memberships

Chicago Cultural Alliance

Illinois Association of Museums

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​Tel: 773 213 1869 


Hours of Operation

 Tuesday           12PM - 6PM

 Thursday          12PM - 6PM

 Friday               12PM - 6PM

 Sunday              11AM - 4PM

Price of Admission is $5


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